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King Koil


    Sunday - Thursday
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King Koil

Established in 1898, King Koil Mattress today stands for outstanding quality and value to its customer, every day! For over a century, King Koil has offered the industry’s best mattress values. Today, King Koil stands for its commitment to customer service and quality in every mattress that carries a King Koil name. You can sleep better on a King Koil mattress. They are constructed with the latest technology and the best materials. And when you think about the exceptional value, sweet dreams are guaranteed. The long-standing tradition of excellence has expanded globally with a network of forty manufacturing facilities providing fifty countries with affordably priced quality products. A long-standing association with doctors of chiropractic has given King Koil sleep systems national and international prominence within the sleep products industry. King Koil is “The World’s Best Selling Chiropractic Endorsed Sleep System”. All factories operate under a common marketing approach and uniform product specifications. Because each King Koil factory is independently owned and operated, each is extremely knowledgeable about and responsive to its regional markets. This combination of uniformity and regional responsiveness is the key to King Koil’s continued growth. Today we continue to offer high quality sleep products that are outstanding values with all the healthful benefits of a good night’s sleep.

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