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The Elves Club Show

Event Details

  • Main Atrium
  • 21 Dec 2018 - 23 Dec 2018


  • Free Entry

The Elves Club Show

The Elves Club Show - is kids oriented musical and dance show based on Santa’s Elves and their festive preparations. The Elves busy preparing for Christmas in the Santa’s grotto once meets the Troll who hates holidays. Envious Troll who wasn’t invited for the celebration, decides to steal the Main Tree Star and spoil the celebration. Without this star Christmas will never come and the Elves seeks the help of the kids to bring the star back to the city. Experiencing the kindness and goodness of the Elves,  the heart of Troll melts who later joins to become a part of Santa’s team to prepare for the celebrations.

Enjoy the festive preparations by the amazing Elves club who through their Musical & dance performances, will unfold winter fairy tales  around the Winter Festivities at Dalma Mall

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