Kalima – International Translation Day

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  • Main Atrium
  • 30 Sep 2017 - 30 Sep 2017


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Kalima – International Translation Day

“Translation is not a matter of words only; It is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture” – Anthony Burgess 

To celebrate the International Day of Translation on September 30 each year, the Kalima Translation Project at the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi organizes a series of events and cultural activities. The event aims to highlight the achievements of Kalima as one of the leading translation projects in the Arab world and played an important role in reviving the translation movement by translating about 1000 books in various fields of knowledge into more than 13 living languages.

The Kalima project, in cooperation with the Dalma Mall, will host a cultural and entertainment event for the audience of the mall on Saturday, 30 September, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Children's Center in the National Library Sector of the Department of Culture and Tourism will be part of the event.

The Department of Culture and Tourism offers a range of recreational activities including: children's reading sessions for a collection of translated Kalima publications, a handcraft workshop, a cupcake decorating workshop, coloring and sand painting game, one word translation contest, photography sessions and competitions to test the audience information. Around 1000 books will be distributed to the winners and participants at the event

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