COOL Shopping Season Winter Activities

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  • 14 Dec 2017 - 13 Jan 2018


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COOL Shopping Season Winter Activities

Winter at Dalma Mall is all festooned with the seasonal decorations and with wonderful array of activities.You can experience the COOL Shopping Season not just with the season’s promotion but also you can catch up with some awesome entertainment activities that can be enjoyed by both young and old in the family. Come with friends and family to experience the best of the season lined up as below:

Frosty, the Elf : 21st – 23rd Dec 2017 (6pm to 10pm) Santa’s address book has been stolen and Frosty, the Elf just realized that and all the Elves have been kidnapped, by the Snow Queen. Looks like Santa will not be able to reach the Gifts to the kids, this season, without his address book. Will Frosty, the good hearted Elf, be able to change the sudden turn of events and be able to rescue his friends? Watch out for more at the Mall. Fun, educational and interactive, this show is perfect for the Winter Holidays

Kid’s Activity Corner – 17th Dec 2017– 6th Jan 2018 (6pm – 10pm) Our all-time attraction Kid’s Activity Corner will be actively engaging with Kids, focused on fun and educational values that will improve the children’s creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, concentration, logical thinking, mid-line crossing, and confidence.Sand Art/Noodle Art, Foam Art/puzzles, Magic Noodles, Glitter Tattoos, Styrofoam wall decoration, Noodle Photo Frame Crafts, Face Mask Decoration, Tissue Paper Dot Art, Key Chain, Bottle Decoration, Sun Catcher Craft, Coloring and painting, Bottle Cap Necklaces, Candle Dipping, Biscuit Decoration

Eskimo Princess Sarila – 31st Dec 2017 & Jan 1st 2018 (6pm – 10pm) Based on an ancient Eskimo Legend this winter show will be the highlight for our Year End and New Year winter special.Young Princess Sarila has powers of talking to animals. Evil crooklik who currently rules the tribe after the death of Sarila’s parents, plots an evil plan and sends Princess Sarila, in a fake search of a Promise land which will save her tribe and provide good life, to get the throne. He makes the Yetis, the white creatures to attack her in her journey. Will Princess Sarila survive the journey and win the crown? Watch out for more…

Musical Mascots – 28th -30th Dec 2017 & 4th -6th Jan 2018 (6pm – 10pm)Musical Mascots is a Roaming Performance  offering  guaranteed humorous, musical entertainment serving all tastes! It a great photo Op for the kids and families and truly Social Media Worthy  !!Beautifully choreographed  with entertaining musical quality. These performers  are 4  skillful and good-humored  Musical Instruments along with their Band Master ,  playing nifty tunes and making happy sounds, surprising us with their walks and Moves.

Toy Town Soldiers - 11th – 13th Jan 2018 (6pm – 10pm) Toy Town Soldiers, the traditional barricade wooden toys, used in the nutcracker enhance the festive ambience drumming and marching with wonderful music and entertainment. Watch these fun and interactive Iconic boys’ toy come alive at Dalma Mall, mingling with children and finish their parade in their military yet upbeat & unique stylish performance.Last but not the least, get your children to enjoy while it Snows at Dalma Mall at 6.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm & 9.30pm every day across this COOL Shopping Season!

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