ADSF Busking Bikes

Event Details

  • Main Atrium
  • 09 Nov 2017 - 11 Nov 2017


  • Free Entry

ADSF Busking Bikes

The Abu Dhabi Science Festival (ADSF) event by ADEC is now back this year. Dalma mall in partnership with ADEC will host ADSF activation in the mall, bringing science to life with information, entertainment and hands-on experiences. Partnering the Festival, which is aimed to inspire the community of the United Arab Emirates with exciting activities and science workshops at ADEC on 9 Nov, Dalma mall will not only garner additional exposure during this time of the event, but also host the ADSF’s famous Busking Bike activation.

Busking Bikes activation is an experiential marketing tool to drive curiosity, awareness, engage and teach science facts. These drop-in shows offer fast-paced engagement with science that is suitable for all ages, covering physics, chemistry and topology With mind-boggling experiments and dazzling science demos that will captivate visitors of all ages, our busking bikes take street performance to a whole new level. Some amazing chemistry and physics in action with their range of unusual and entertaining experiments that include lots of opportunities for the audience to get involved with the most exciting science demonstrations around.

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