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Caribbean Circus at Dalma Mall

Event Details

  • Dalma Mall Premises
  • 08 Aug 2019 - 07 Sep 2019


  • Ticketed - Bronze: 75 AED; Silver: 100 AED; Gold: 150 AED; Diamond: 200 AED

Caribbean Circus at Dalma Mall

There so much to enjoy and experience this August at Abu Dhabi's favorite
Mall, Dalma Mall. Follow & be a part of the 'Summer Fiesta' Attractions
enhancing your overall shopping experience at Dalma Mall. Bringing to you
the Caribbean Circus at Dalma Mall.

The Caribbean Circus is two hours of action packed family entertainment.
There is ‎something for everyone.‎ As you enter into our large
air-conditioned Big Top let the smell of popcorn take you ‎to a different
world of amazement.‎

Don't miss our stunning Pyramid on High Wire. Watch our Colombian men
defying ‎death on the wheel of death. You will be mesmerized by the Icarian
show, amazed ‎by the highflying trapeze acrobats and our Ukrainian roller
duo. I dare you not to smile ‎at our clowns. And hold onto your seats as our
daredevil motorcyclists ride inside the ‎Globe of Death.‎
Fun for the whole family

Tickets will be available online at Platinumlist Abu Dhabi and also at the Venue.

Click here to Book your Ticket

Ticket Prices: Bronze: 75 AED; Silver: 100 AED; Gold: 150 AED; Diamond: 200 AED

For any other information you may contact Eventoh Exhibition Management at 056 9365999

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